Primitive Cooking- Kawlam-An ancient Thai dish cooked in bamboo

Kawlam is an ancient Thai dish made with sticky rice, beans, coconut milk, and sugar. 

Gather some fresh, green, growing bamboo about 2″ diameter. Different sizes will work but, smaller bamboo means less cooking time as the mixture will dry out faster. 

You want to make a cup with a pointed bottom which you will stick in the ground. 

Cut the point just below a node, and the top of the cup would be just below the next node up!

Take care to leave the thin, papery membrane intact on the inside cavity of the bamboo. You will see why, later!

Soak your rice, and dried beans separately, overnight.

Cook the beans in water, alone. 

Mix the cooked beans, and the soaked, uncooked rice in a bowl. 

Fill the bamboo cups with the rice / bean mixture. 

Press the bamboo into the ground as shown. 

Mix coconut milk with sugar, and salt to taste. Fill the cups with the coconut milk mixture. Then, cover with aluminum foil to keep moisture in, and unwanted things out!

Build your fire about 10″ away from the bamboo. You do not want to burn your bamboo, or your dinner!

Keep the fire going for about two hours. 

Take the bamboo containers out, taking care not to get burned! I use fireplace tongs, and welder’s gloves. Safety glasses are a good idea as well!

Using a log, or wooden mallet, crack open the bamboo by striking it at the node. 

Remove your dinner!

You will see that it is encased within the thin film which you left inside the bamboo at the beginning!